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Roofing Repair Specialist
Williams American is able to do repairs on every type of flat roof. With over 100 years of experience our technicians are factory trained and able to get you back into the dry.

When the snow or ice begins to melt and finds a way into your roof, no matter the age, it needs to be stopped before more damage is done to your building.  

The following represents a variety of the roofs that are in our area. If you see your roof here and you have a problem call us today and we’ll get you back into the dry.

Williams American Construction abides by all OSHA regulations.  
We train ALL staff according to OSHA regulations.
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This Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) roof had to have 12 inches of snow moved to allow us to get to the membrane and get the roof repaired.

​This Modified Bitumen roof is very common to our area roofing applications. This type of roof does not handle ponding or icing and the seams begin to split open under extreme rapid temperature changes like we’ve been experiencing.

Our repair specialists are very familiar with this and we are called upon to repair these types of problems very frequently.  

Frosting on this Built Up Roof slowly melts throughout the days sunshine and runoff may be causing a slight leak which needs to be attended to before the freezing breaks open the leak causing serious damage.

The parapet wall metal cap has seams and often they need to be sealed. The walls have seams and break open and need to be resealed on a regular basis.

A shingle tie in to the flat roof is being repaired by 2 of our trained repair technicians. This church had many leaks and where the shingles, steeple and flat roof wing were coming together became the focal point of our roof specialists investigation. This resulted in another satisfied client saving their interior walls and ceilings from further damage and more expensive repairs.
TPO roofs are able to be repaired once the source of the problem is found. This TPO roof had a hole in the membrane. The repair is made by thoroughly cleaning the membrane around the affected area and then installing a TPO patch and having it heat welded into place. These types of roofs are easily repaired once the source of the leak is identified.

Having served the St. Louis Metro area for over 20 years we have been able to help building owners maintain their existing roofs until they were able to budget for new roofs. Our roof specialists are ready to assist you with your roof leaks and will describe the condition of the roof so that you are able to make a decision on getting your roof repaired or replaced within your budget. 
Built up Roofs can be repaired in a variety of ways. The most common is to use a three course flashing method. That is done by applying one layer of thermoplastic cement, one layer of fabric mesh and a final coating of thermoplastic cement.  
Here there was a seam that had to have a repair done by seaming in the open area with Modified Bitumen then having a three course flashing applied to the perimeter.

Gravel Built up Roofs are some of the most difficult roofs to repair. Gravel has to be scratched away from the roof so that the membrane plies are exposed.  
The wall flashing on this roof was deteriorated and causing leaking. The repair was made by moving the gravel back from the wall and sealing the affected area with a three course flashing method.

TPO roofs that have not been installed to manufacturer’s certifications have shown that the inexperienced roofing installer does not get the seams adequately sealed and therefore they will leak when the snow or ice begins to melt and the water may back up the seam. This is called ice damming and in most instances is not covered by your insurance company. We are able to successfully repair these types of problems.
Foam Roofs are able to be repaired by cleaning the affected area and installing the proper material to seal up the holes.

These types of roofs generally do not fare well in our area due to their tendency to crack in freeze thaw situations and they are hard to install levelly without making minor craters throughout the entire roof system causing damming which when frozen may crack or prematurely deteriorate the foam.

If you’ve seen your roof here and are experiencing problems call us today and we will have one of our roof specialists assess your roofing needs.

In St. Louis you can call our office at 314-609-0306 or call our roof specialist directly at 314-265-5897.  

In St. Charles call 636-866-5660 to speak to our roof specialist directly.  In Illinois call 314-799-2757.

For all shingle repairs needed call our St. Louis office at 314-609-0306.

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